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                          Unfortunately most websites don’t achieve what the owner hoped they would.Most websites miss an integral part of the buying process …… ENGAGEMENT with the prospect.

                          It’s like when you go to a shop to buy a product and when you enquire about it the assistant points and says ‘they’re over there’ – This usually equals NO SALE or at least a bit of ‘bad mouthing’. We have a team of designers & developers that have years of combined experience in creating and implementing a range of websites and solutions tailored to your needs. The team at Seventh Floor Marketing have the experience to design and develop websites in Brisbane that will drive a regular stream of leads to your business.

                          We will design and build a website, in Brisbane, that is in line with your overall marketing and branding strategy and ensure that the design effectively communicates your company’s value proposition. A simple refresh may be all you need to drive leads to your business and create sales opportunities that meet your company goals. Our websites are high quality, robust and can be managed entirely by you once designed. That means you don’t have to keep coming back to us for any changes you’d like to make to your website…it’s as easy and hassle-free as that! It’s absolutely imperative that your website be executed in the right way for your broader marketing strategy to be successful.

                          It needs to work as a highly functional hub for all of your communications. SFM (Seventh Floor Marketing) specializes in delivering and building websites, in Brisbane, that are geared for maximum functionality and practicality, as well as maximum impact. It isn’t enough to have a website programmed, uploaded to the web and then wait for the world to come. Your new website needs to be marketed properly, taking advantage of a range of online and traditional marketing and advertising strategies to bring the kind of traffic which results in sales. Without this, your website will remain an under-utilized asset. We are the premier Website Development agency in Brisbane for Small to Medium Business


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                          Your website MUST

                          • Get found by your prospects
                          • Stand Out from the crowd
                          • Have great Customer Engagement
                          • Capture Data
                          • Nurture new Clients
                          • Respond Automatically
                          • Keep in touch with prospects
                          • Get you referrals

                          The Web is full of failed websites … the great news is it doesn’t take much to get it right. Have a Website already? … it’s still worth discussing rebuilds with us.


                          All our websites include

                          • Fully custom designed
                          • Awesome Responsive Design for Mobile or Tablet
                          • Video Player
                          • Image Gallery
                          • Several Email addresses
                          • Search Engine Optimisation set up (SEO)
                          • No Lock in Contracts
                          • User friendly Content Management System
                          • 12 Months hosting included
                          • Links to your Social Sites
                          • Contact plus other Forms
                          • Blogs / News
                          • Location Map
                          • Meta Tags Meta Data (SEO)
                          • E Commerce available for all Websites (Shop Online)
                          • Plus More !