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                          We Exist for One Reason….

                          To improve the marketing results for our clients and get them a great return on their investment.


                          We are a local website builder, SEO and Pay Per Click specialist, Branding, Graphic Design, and Social Media Marketing Company in Brisbane, Australia.

                          Our specialty lies in managing both the online and offline marketing space for small and medium business owners so that they can focus on the daily running on the business.

                          Our passion and motivation is partnering with local small and medium enterprises to make sure they are not out-muscled by companies with much larger budgets.

                          We have a vast marketing knowledge to assist small and medium enterprises to gain advantages in all areas of marketing.

                          The owner and director of Seventh Floor Marketing, Bruce, has operated several of his own successful small businesses in other industries, which has given him insight on how to nurture and grown a successful business.

                          Bruce has been a Senior Marketing Coordinator for one of Australia’s largest Marketing Companies. It was here where Bruce developed his passion for helping small businesses achieve the same results and effectiveness of their marketing and save money. It was during these years as a Marketing Consultant that Bruce came to the realization that whilst most of the small medium enterprises would definitely benefit from the strategies they were offered, the fact was that most could not afford the cost associated.

                          Bruce decided that Seventh Floor would be build around providing Small and Medium enterprises the same principles and strategies placed by larger firm for a fraction of the cost. After intense research, Bruce has found remarkable people who can do exactly what the clients need in small and medium business for much lower cost.

                          The key to this is the highly trained, reliable and insanely talented creative individuals that fit perfectly for small and medium business marketing.

                          You and Seventh Floor Marketing create the vision together. We value all the input from the client to create the plan, strategy and we use our specialist team to implement the services at an affordable cost and a fast time frame.

                          The end result…Marketing every small business can afford.